Add nanoSIM on iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR

  1. Go to (Settings) > (General) > (About) > (PHYSICAL SIM) no informaiton except IMEI numbers
  2. On main screen, tap (Settings)
  3. Tap (Cellular)
  4. In the middle, it’ll show current carrier information and there’s only 1 carrier, no (CELLULAR PLANS)
  5. Insert nanoSIM into device
  6. (Add Cellular Plan) : to label default line and cellular data, tap (Continue)
  7. (Cellular Plan Lables) : to label your plan, you can use the default name or manually enter name 
  8. ​Leble your plan:
    • Default name
    • CUSTOM LABEL: if want to set it, type your label
  9. When finished, tap (Done)
  10. Back to (Cellular Plan Lables), label name has been changed as per setting
  11. Tap Cellular plan below
  12. Tap Primary and then (Done)
  13. Back to (Cellular Plan Lables), the Cellular plan below will be changed to Primary as per setting, tap (Continue)
  14. On this screen, choose a number to be your default number
  15. Tap (Use “Primary” as your default line) and then (Continue) 
  16. (Update Contacts’ Preferred Line) : would you like to choose a new preferred line for contacts that previouly used “Primary”? This screen will appear when repeatedly select name same as the old one
  17. Tap (Use “Primary” as the preferred line) and then (Done)
  18. Back to (Cellular)
  19. Go to Settings > General > About > scroll down, you’ll find PREPAID instead of PHYSICAL SIM including Network, Carrier and other information  

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