Remove nanoSIM Cellular Plan on iPhone XS, XS Max, และ iPhone XR

  1. On main screen, tap (Settings)
  2. Tap (Cellular)
  3. In the middle, it’ll show (CELLULAR PLANS) that already had on device
  4. Delete nonoSIM Cellular Plan: remove nanoSIM from device
  5. After nanoSIM is removed nanoSIM, it's no longer available, tap that nanoSIM Ex. tap “Secondary”
  6. A pop up (Cellular Plan No Longer Available, tap (Update Contacts), information of “Secondary” that is nanoSIM will disappear
  7. Delete eSIM Cellular Plan: tap eSIM that you wish to delete
  8. Tap (Remove Cellular Plan)
  9. In case you still find that Cellular Plan, tap that name again and then (Update Contact) > that name will disappear

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