Enable 4G HD Voice (VoLTE) on True SMART 4G P1 Series

  1. On main screen, tap ^ to view all Apps
  2. Tap (Settings) > (Network & Internet)
  3. Tap (Mobile network) > (Advanced)
  4. Tap turn on (VoLTE HD Call) when it's ready to use, VoLTE sign will appear above 4G
  5. When making call or receiving call, HD will appear at the left of call duration
  6. Call History : if it is a call via VoLTE, there’ll be HD sign
  7. When making call or receiving call via VoLTE and VoWiFi almost the same time and to check call detail, tap that number and then (Call details)
    • HD = via VoLTE
    • Fan sign = via VoWiFi

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