Factory Data Reset on True SMART 4G P1 Series by Recovery Mode

What you should know

  1. Should have battery more than 60%
  2. This reset will erase all data including applications
  3. If registered Google Account, you must know Email account and password in order to unlock the device after resetting

​Used Buttons

  1. Power button
  2. Volume Up button
  3. Volume Down button


  1. Press and hold Power and Volume Up buttons until seeing True SMART 4G P1 logo then release both 2 buttons
  2. When seeing Chinese language: 
    • Press (Volume Down) button only to move down until go to the last menu (Wipe Data/Factory Reset) (notice Chinese characters is the same as shown in picture)
    • Press (Volume Up) button to choose that menu
  3. Resetting... afterward device will reboot itself, wait for a while
  4. (Hi there) will show on Get started screen

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