Enable VoWiFi on True Super Talkie 4G

  1. On main screen, select (Menu)
  2. Select (Settings)
  3. And then (More)
  4. Select (Wi-Fi calling)
  5. Click enable (Wi-Fi calling)
  6. (Calling preference) page will appear
  7. Select (Calling preference)
  8. Options for Wi-Fi calling
  9. Select (Wi-Fi preferred)
  10. Back to (Wi-Fi calling), notice at (Calling preference), Wi-Fi preferred will appear
  11. Wait a moment, VoWiFi and a green fan sign will appear = VoWiFi is now selected
  12. When making call or receiving call, notice if there’s VoWiFi with a fan sign
  13. On screen (make call-receive call) : a fan sign and WI-FI CALL: to notify that calling is through VoWiFi

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