Use SOS Button on True Super Talkie 4G

SOS Setting

  1. On main screen, select (Menu)
  2. Select (Settings)
  3. And then SOS
  4. SOS : 
    • Emergency rescue : Off = left / On = right
    • Number Setting : can set 3 numbers for emergency contact
    • Emergency Message : sent out message in case of emergency
    • Location : attach location when using SOS or not : Off = left / On = right
    • Help : SOS usage suggestion
  5. Click turn on (Emergency rescue)
  6. Select (Number Setting)
  7. Enter emergency number and then press (Save)
  8. Return to SOS page and choose (Emergency Message)
  9. Enter (Emergency Message) and then press (Save)
  10. Back to SOS again and choose (Location)
  11. Select (Help)
  12. (Emergency rescue) message, press (Back) to exist this page

Use SOS button

  1. Press and hold SOS button (on the left of device))
  2. True Super Talkie 4G on screen will show "SOS Message sending" at the top will have GPS sign
  3. Release SOS button and wait around 2 - 8 seconds
  4. System will send a message to emergency number and “message sent!" will show on True Super Talkie 4G
  5. Destination device that is set for emergency number will get emergency rescue message

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