Record Call and Listen Voicecall File on True Super Talkie 4G


  1. Screen while making call and the destination device doesn’t receive call, no timer shows on screen
  2. When the destination receives call, (In call) and timer appear, choose (Options)
  3. Select (Record)
  4. Recording sign will show at the top right
  5. To stop recording, choose (Options)
  6. And then (Stop recording)
  7. System will stop recording and a message (Recorder file has been save to) /storage/emulated/0/voicecall/xxxxxx.amr

Listen Voicecall File

  1. At (Menu), select (Organizer)
  2. And then (File Explorer)
  3. Select (Local), but if file is in Micro SD Card, select (External Storage)
  4. And then choose voicecall
  5. You'll find voicecall file

remarks: refer to Windows 8 and 10 (Windows previous version : This PC = My Computer)

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