Manage File Explorer on True Super Talkie 4G

  1. On main screen, select (Menu)
  2. Select (Organizer)
  3. And then (File Explorer)
  4. File Explorer: files sparated into 4 folders
    • Audio = all audio files : .wav, .mp3, .arm etc.
    • Images = all image files : .jpg, bmp etc.
    • Video = all video files : .3gp, .mp4 etc.
    • Documents = all document files : MS-Word, MS-Power point, PDF etc.
  5. Go down to the last 2 menu : files on phone and SD Card
    • Local = folder and files on True Super Talkie 4G
    • External Storage = folder and files on external storage: Micro SD Card
  6. File management
  7. At (File Explorer), select preferred file 
  8. There'll be (Options) menu
  9. Choose the menu you prefer to do with that file : Delete, Copy, Cut, Share

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