Enable-Disable 4G HD Voice – VoLTE for iOS 9.3

  1. At Home screen, go to (Settings)
  2. Select (Cellular) *if menu language is English (U.K.), it will be Mobile Data*
  3. Select (Cellular Data Options) *if menu language is English (U.K.), it will be Mobile Data Options*
  4. And then (Enable 4G)
  5. Sub-menu as follows:
    • (Off) = disable 4G, the phone will connect 3G instead
    • (Voice & Data) = enable 4G LTE – 4G HD Voice
    • (Data only) =use 4G only for data usage, for voice usage will connect 3G or 2G
  6. (First Activate) : choose (Voice&Data)
    • Circling sign behind
    • Wait a moment until 4G HD Voice is ready to use
    • Wait around 2–4 minutes
  7. Wait a moment, there’ll be a check mark behind (Voice&Data)
  8. Back to (Cellular) page, at (Enable 4G), it will be (Voice&Data)
  9. Message received from TMVH for 4G HD Voice service
    • "คุณสามารถใช้บริการ 4G HD Voice ได้แล้วค่ะ ดูรายละเอียดเพิ่ม คลิก http://truemoveh.truecorp.co.th/iphone/4GVoice.html"
  10. Enable 4G again after it has been activated: at [Enable 4G] ), a check mark will be at [Data only] a = disable 4G HD Voice (VoLTE)
  11. To enable 4G HD Voice (VoLTE), select (Voice&Data) 4G sign will disappear = enabling process
  12. When 4G is ready to use, 4G sign will appear while  selecting (Voice&Data)
  13. Device information
    • Version = iOS 9.2 or up (these are screen examples for iOS 9.3 or up)
    • Carrier = 23.1 or up

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