How to choose 2G/ 3G for HUAWEI Mi-Fi E5836

  1. Connect WiFi and 3G MiFi Huawei and open a Browser then type and press Enter  The login page appears, enter the password : admin
  2. Select Advance Settings
  3. Select Mobile Network Settings
  4. Select Network Settings
  5. At Preferred Mode you can select preferred Network
    • GSM Preferred : both 2G and 3G network selected but will connect 2G first
    • WCDMA Preferred : both 2G and 3G network selected but will connect 3G first
    • GSM only : using 2G only
    • WCDMA only : uing 3G only
  6. Click Apply and then Continue
  7. Return to previous Page once finished setting
  8. Notice the light on 3G MiF9 Huawei E5836   M letter will be green when connecting 2G and turn blue when connecting 3G

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