How to set up First settings for True SMART 4G 4.0

  1. At Get Started page, select  language e.g. ‘Thai’ is selected and then press [Next]
  2. At ‘Select Wi-Fi’ page showing connected Wi-Fi, if don’t want to connect Wi-Fi now, press [Skip]
  3. Select [Skip anyway]
  4. Wait a moment 
  5. At [Got Google?] page, do you have Google account?, select [Yes] or [No]  (Ex. select No)
  6. At [Make it Google] pageis the recommendation to apply for Google account. If don’t want to, press [Not Now]
  7. At [Google & location] page, press [Next]
  8. At [This phone belongs to] page for entering owner’s name, to skip press [Next]
  9. Google Services inform Google’s information/ policy, press [Next]
  10. Access to [Welcome] page, press [OK]
  11. At [Organize your space] page, press [OK]
  12. Return to normal page and you can start using phone

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