How to access System Recovery Mode on True SMART Series

Access System Recovery Mode :
  1. Volume up button is at the left side of device
  2. Power On button is at the right side of device
  3. Press ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Power On’ buttons and hold them simultaneously until the device is on (around 15 seconds)
  4. System Recovery Mode will appear on screen
  5. Commands on screen
    Select command: press ‘Volume Down’ button, a highlight tab will move down 1 row, press ‘Volume Down’ button until a highlight tab is on the preferred command
    Select OK: press Power On button (turn on)

Exit System Recovery Mode :

  1. Press ‘Volume Down’ button to move a highlight tab to reboot system now => press Power On button to OK
  2. Device reboot itself
  3. For TRUE BEYOND if press ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power on’ buttons simultaneously, nothing happened, you must remove the battery off to exit from Recovery Mode

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