Access Setting Menu by a Shortcut Button on Remote Control for OPENTEL 4K-OP10C

  1. Press Mute on Remote control > on TV screen will show a Mute sign
  2. Press V.format on remote control to adjust resolution on TV screen
  3. If in Radio mode > change to TV channel e.g. press TV channel: 33
  4. Press OK on Remote control (on TV screen will show various programs e.g. sports, movies)
  5. Press FAV on Remote control to view favorite program list
  6. Press GUIDE on Remote control to view TV program guide
  7. Press INFO on Remote control to view channel information
  8. Press Yellow button on Remote control to change menu language and audio language
  9. Press Blue button on Remote control to add favorite channel
  10. Press SIGNAL on Remote control to check signal status while watching TV

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