What is CCTV and what are the components ?

CCTV System is the signal transmission from CCTV in various places to Receiver and recorder which is called DVR. Generally DVR will be located at the safe and convenient place e.g. Control room, bedroom, electrical box etc.

CCTV System consists of 5 main components:

  1. Camera  to convert picture signal to electrical signal and transmit to recording device (DVR)

  2. Lens is functioned as light focus and zoom in-out properly, some lens model can adjust the aperture for clearer picture. However, this lens should be used with the compatible camera only

  3. DVR is to record picture received from camera into Hard disk . Some models are able to monitor camera from DVR e.g. turn left-right, up-down, zoom in-out and show the display e.g. quad screens, random display, motion capture display, Speeddome control, if connect to internet, you we can watch camera through internet etc.

  4. Monitor to display the signal received from DVR e.g. television, computer screen. The picture shown on monitor screen just only for display excluding recording, no matter the monitor is turned on or off. It depends on DVR whether it is on.

  5. Accessories
    • Holder to hold and attach camera with ceiling, wall, pole etc.

    • Housing for sun protection, anti-humid, heat release and protect camera and lens from heat, outdoor or where plenty of humidity

    • RG6, UTP cable to transmit the signal from camera to DVR

    • Adaptor 12, 24 Volt to convert electric current to be usable with camera, it depends on the camera qualification whether it supports what type of electric current, some can support both

    • Keyboard Joystick in case it is a zoomed camera or adjustable camera from long distance and there are many cameras. It will be inconvenient to control camera via buttons on DVR. Keyboard joystick is the option to control camera, it is easier, more convenient but have to pay more

Advantages for CCTV system

  • Security purposes for both humen and place
  • Surveillance of machinery processes in large industry operated automatically or by employees
  • Automatic building's security system e.g. number of peoples in-out, air-condition control
  • Traffic monitoring e.g. detect car congestion on road

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