Set Second Device of T3 MESH A5258

Set 1 SSID will enhance the most efficiency of MESH’s function, Router and MESH will figure out the proper frequency for the connected device to use 2.4GHz or 5GHz, first priority is 5GHz.

  1. Connect SERCOM T3 ST-244F and SERCOM T3 MESH A5258, connect cable to LAN port of SERCOM T3 ST-244F and WAN port of SERCOM T3 MESH A5258
  2. Wait until LED changed from red to blue around 1 minute
  3. Place SERCOM T3 MESH A5258 at preferred location. Router and MESH will send-receive wireless signal and they should be placed at the proper distance. If MESH can’t receive signal from the starting device, it may result the usage efficiency. 

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