First Connection to 4G Plug WiFi

This setting is applicable to 4G Plug WiFi and TRUE Home Wireless Broadband

  1. At the back of device, take a note of SSID and Password for the connection
  2. Plug in device, the position while plugging in should be as shown (TRUE Logo should be upright, not leaning nor horizontal)
  3. Press and hold Power button on the left
  4. Press and hold Power button until LED status of WiFi connection changed to blink green then release a button
  5. Wait a few minutes and at LED status of network (front center) red color will appear (device is connecting mobile network)
  6. Wait a few minutes when it’s ready to use (successfully connected), it’ll turn green or blue
  7. On device, turn on Wi-Fi
  8. Search for true_plugwifi_xxxx as per previously noted for SSID
  9. Enter the password as per that taken from the label at back of device > Press Join at bottom right
  10. Phone will connect Wi-Fi, once connected
  11. Wi-Fi connection status will be blink white and red (that means : successfully connected and receive-send data via Wi-Fi between device and 4G Plug WiFi)
  12. At connected device, go to Web Browser
  13. In URL address type any URL, it will lead to
  14. Welcome page will display
    • phone number
    • promotion used
    • press Confirm at the bottom
  15. System will lead to :
    • phone number
    • usage information
    • applied topping package
    • payment
    • personal information
  16. Test using the internet (ex. go to

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