Port Forwarding for HUMAX HV100-02

  1. Type in the Address bar on Browser then press Enter, type Username = admin, Password = password then press Login
  2. Two methods can be done as follows
    • Click Advanced > NAT(NAPT) > press Virtual Server
    • Click Advanced > drag Mouse pass NAT(NAPT) and click Virtual Server
  3. If there’s no setting, it will show blank table, press Add to enter data 
  4. Set up as follows:
    • Virtual Server: tick a check mark
    • Rule Name: enter name e.g. cam1
    • DSL Interface: choose vdsl_pppoe
    • Public Port and Private Port: enter Ports to Forward, both to be the same
    • Protocol Type: choose base on usage type, or choose TCP/UDP
    • Public IP: not set
    • Private IP: enter using eauipment's IP
    • Time Schedule: not set
    • Once completed, press Apply, it will return to first page and all data will be shown in a table
  5. Edit settings
    • Edit settings: click a pencil sign in Action bar, a page to edit will pop up, after editing, press Apply
    • Delete settings: click a bin in Action bar

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