Fist setting and set up Wizard menu for HUMAX HV100-02

  1. Type in the Address bar on Browser then press Enter
  2. You’ll find Welcome page to Setup Wizard, then press Next
  3. Type Password : password then press Login
  4. Do you want to config Router to Plug & Play?
  5. If press Yes, Router will restart which takes around 120 seconds
    1. After restarting, if Router is connecting the Internet, you’ll find a wizard to press Refresh or Login
      • Refresh button:
        • if Router unsuccessfully connected Internet, it’s still on this page
        • if Router successfully connected Internet, it will show
      • Login button: if press, it will return to Login Router page again
    2. After restarting, if Router connected successfully, you’ll find page
  6. If press No, you'll find page to set up PPPoE
    • User Name: received from Internet service provider (True) e.g. 123456@truehisp
    • Password: received from Internet service provider (True)
    • Connection: select AlwaysOn
    • Then press Next
  7. Set up Wireless
    • Enable: tick a check mark to enable Wireless
    • SSID: enter name
    • Channel: select preferred Channel 
    • Security Mode: WPA /WPA2+TKIP /AES
    • Authentication Type: select PSK only
    • Encryption Type: select as desired
    • Confirmed Passphrase: enter the password of wireless, alphabets or numbers 8 digits up
    • Once completed, press Next
  8. Security Mode: WEP
    • Authentication Type: choose as desired
    • Encryption: WEP 64-bit
    • ASCII: enter 5 alphabets (0-9, a-f, A-F)
    • Hex: enter 10 alphabets
    • Encryption: WEP 128-bit
    • ASCII: enter 13 alphabets (0-9, a-f, A-F)
    • Hex: enter 26 alphabets
    • Once completed, press Next
  9. Security Mode: None, Once completed, press Next
  10. Press Finish to finish setting
  11. After that you'll find page

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