Set up LAN for DASAN H662GR (No Wireless)

  1. Type then press Enter, Username = admin, Password = password and press LOGIN
  2. On the left, select Advance Setup > LAN Setup
    • IP Address : IP Address or Default Gateway of Router
    • Ethernet Port Configure : to set up Port LAN of Router
    • DHCP : set Router to distribute IP Address
    • Main Pool : set Router to distribute IP Address for Start IP number and End IP number
    • Lease Time : set time on Router to distribute new DHCP to the connected device Default : 1440 mintes = 1 day
    • DNS Mode : to auto receive DNS or to set up DNS manually
  3. To reserve IP Address for the connected device : go to Advanced Setup > LAN Setup > Add DHCP Reservation
  4. For example, want 1 computer to get IP: every time connected to Router:
    • IP Address: type, MAC Address: type MAC Address of computer and press ADD
    • Press APPLY to save the settings at Router

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