Set up Access Point for AP Humax Quantum T3AT

  1. To access AP setup page from a browser, type or then press Enter, ID = admin / Password = password and press Login
  2. After logging in, it’ll lead to Welcome to QUANTUM T3AT : set up Access Point mode can be done at: Easy Setup and Advanced Setup
  3. Easy Setup : press Start 
  4. Connection Type : select Dynamic IP and press Next
  5. At Internet Setting, it’ll show IP address obtained from main Router and press Next
  6. At Wireless Setting
    • Network Name (SSID) : enter Wireless name
    • Password : set the password for Wireless
    • Then press Next
  7. Change Password (Optional) : is the page for changing password to access AP setup page (can change or not change) then press Next
  8. At Summary page, check the settings and then press Done
  9. System is saving the setting, wait a moment
  10. It’ll lead to Home page, notice a glove sign, a green check mark will appear, it means successfully connected to main Router
  11. Advanced Setup : at Welcome to QUANTUM T3AT and press Advanced Setup
  12. Go to Network > Internet > Connection Type, select Dynamic IP and press Apply
  13. System is saving the settings wait a moment

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