Set up LINKSYS VELOP P-WHW0303 via Linksys Application

  1. Download and install “Linksys” Application from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)
  2. Open App and select Launch setup
  3. Choose A Velop system
  4. Terms & conditions page, choose Agree
  5. If don't have account, create new account by entering Email Address : email account, Password : set the password, press Create Account
  6. Check your email to validate your account, if don’t want, this account can be used only 48 hours (can validate email later after setting) then press  Close
  7. Once the account created then use it to Log in
  8. Select usage type of main modem
    • Modem and Router : if already have Bridge Modem + Router Wi-Fi 
    • Single Device : if use Modem - Router
  9. Prepare device to connect (node, LAN cable, Power cord > press Next (recommend to plug in and set up each node respectively)
  10. Plug in a Node
  11. Choose location where can get best signal e. g. place it out in the open or on the table or shelf then press Next
  12. Connect LAN cable to Router and press Next
  13. Wait for the light to turn purple (around 1-2 minutes), if yes, press “The Light is purple”
  14. If the light doesn’t turn purple, press “Reset” button under node for 10 seconds to reset and reboot until the light turns purple 
  15. When a message “Found a node” appears, press Next
  16. Check for an internet connection
  17. Found it
  18. Wait for an internet connection
  19. Name your Wi-Fi and create password
  20. Wait for node configuration
  21. After Wi-Fi setting, page for entering node name e.g. room in house > if want to change to other name, choose Name it something else
  22. Once completed, press Next
  23. Add Another node? 
  24. If yes, choose Add another node and press Next to set up 
  25. If no, choose That’s it for Now > tick a check (/) and press Next
  26. Wait for a while
  27. Your Wi-Fi is ready for you
  28. Loading
  29. After completely setup, you’ll find App’s main page, if not yet confirm Email, there’ll be a message to check Email first.
  30. For advance setting or device problem, contact Call Center Linksys tel. 092-273-4111, Monday-Friday 9.00-18.00 hrs.

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