Pictures & Details of AP Xplor RE1200R4GC-2T2R-V3




  1. LAN 1 - 4 : LAN cable port for RJ45 to computer or device
  2. WAN : LAN cable port for RJ45 from modem or main device
  3. DC IN : Adapter port for power in












LED indicator

  1. POWER : LED is on when Power cable is plugging in, no button to turn on-off
  2. 2.4G/5G : LED is on when sharing Wi-Fi network
  3. WPS : when press and hold WPS button for 3 seconds or until LED is blinking, AP will enable WPS network
    for device to connect for 2 seconds and LED will be off after 2 seconds or successfully connected
  4. LAN 1 - 4 : LED is on when LAN cable is connecting

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