Set up LAN on AP Xplor RE1200R4GC-2T2R-V3

  1. Type then press Enter
    • User : admin
    • Password : enter letters from the picture (if it’s not clear, click at picture, it’ll change but will be the same code)
  2. Status page
  3. Go to Setting > Network
  4. Set up as follows:
    • IP Address : IP Address to access AP configuration page
    • DHCP : ON to turn on DHCP, OFF to turn off DHCP
    • Client Range : set Start IP Address and End IP Address that AP will distribute to connected device
    • Lease Time : duration to clear DHCP and start to distribute new IP Address
    • SHOW CLIENT LIST : show list of connected device
    • Once finished, press SAVE AND REBOOT NOW
  5. Wait for reboot process up to 100%

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