Set up Repeater Mode on AP Xplor RE1200R4GC-2T2R-V3

  1. Log in AP configuration, type and press Enter
    • User : admin
    • Password : enter letters per below picture (if it’s not clear, click at picture, it’ll change style but always the same letters)
  2. Operating Mode, go to Home > Operating Mode > Repeater / Wireless ISP > choose Repeater between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and press SAVE , device will reboot 
  3. Back to Current Status : Mode will be changed from Router to Repeater / Wireless ISP > press SETUP WIZARD
  4. Select Repeater and press NEXT
  5. Enter network name and password then press NEXT
  6. Rebooting
  7. Search for main Router’s network and select that Router then press SELECT
  8. Connect to main Router and enter the password of main Router then press CONNECT
  9. AP is connecting, if it shows “Connect successfully!” , press Reboot Now
  10. Check whether set up Repeater Mode is completed
    • Current Status : go to Home
      • Operation Mode = Repeater / Wireless ISP
      • LAN > DHCP = Disabled (Client will obtain IP Address from main Router)
      • Repeater = show network information of main Router, Status=Connected
    • Network : Setting > Network > DHCP Server = OFF (DHCP is off to allow Client get IP Address from main Router)

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