Set up Access Point Mode on AP TP-Link Archer C3150

  1. Type or and Log in 
    • First setup, to Log in with New Password > press Let’s Get Start
    • After first setup, enter the Password that has been set in 1.1 > press Log in
  2. Set up Access Point can set at Quick Setup, Basic and Advanced
  3. Quick Setup
    • Time Zone, press Next
    • Dynamic IP, press Next
    • Choose Do Not Clone MAC Address, then press Next
    • Enter Wireless Name and password, press Next
    • Summary page, press Save
    • Wait until 100% save
    • TP-Link Cloud, press Login Later
    • Congratulations, press Finish
  4. Basic
    • Basic Status, choose Internet 
    • Internet Connection Type, choose Dynamic IP
    • Choose Do Not Clone MAC Address
    • press Save
  5. Advanced
    • Advanced Status, choose Network > Internet 
    • Internet Connection Type, choose Dynamic IP
    • Choose Do Not Clone MAC Address
    • press Save

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