Set up Wireless on AP SERCOM ST-R4D

  1. Open a Browser and type then press Enter (User = admin, Password = enter letters as shown below) and press Login
  2. After Login, it’ll lead to Overview, Wireless configuration can be done through “WiFi” or WLAN/LAN menu
  3. Set up WLAN Basic: select WLAN > WLAN Basic 
    • WLAN On/Off Configuration
    • WLAN Global Configuration
    • WLAN SSID Configuration
  4. Set up WLAN Advanced: select WLAN > WLAN Advanced 
    • Access Control-Mode Configuration
    • Access Control-Rule Configuration 
  5. Search for nearby Wi-Fi network : select WLAN > WLAN Radar
    • WLAN Radar (2.4G) : search for available 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
    • WLAN Radar (5G) : search for available 5GHz Wi-Fi network
    • press Refresh when want to search again

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