Set up LAN on ZTE F688

  1. Type at Browser then press Enter
    • Username = admin
    • Password = enter letters shown in Default Router Password (each ZTE model will vary)
    • press Login
  2. Local Network > LAN
    • Allocated Address (DHCP) : show device information that connected to Router
    • DHCP Server : choose On to allow Router automatically distribute IP Address to other device
    • Choose Off to disable IP Address distribution to other device
    • LAN IP Address : IP address of Router or Default Gateway
    • DHCP Start / End IP Address :Start IP and End IP that will distribute to connected device
    • Change IP Address: change both LAN IP Address and DHCP Start / End IP Address to align with each other LAN IP Address : / DHCP Start / End IP Address : - etc.
    • DNS Relay
  3. When finished, press Apply

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