Set up ZTE F688 to use True DDNS with CCTV

Check IP Address and Port of CCTV to forward Port at Router

  1. Check the setting at DVR that used to store data from all cameras in house (ex. Watashi CCTV)
    • Type IP Address of DVR at Browser,  for example: then press Enter, it’ll lead to Login page
      Enter Username and password of DVR then press Log in (in case don’t know IP Address, Username and password of DVR, ask the technician who installs DVR)
  2. Check IP Address, go to Setting > Network > TCP/IP , IP Address of DVR :
  3. Check Port, go to Setting > Network > Connection, mostly used Port :
    • TCP Port : 37777 (Port to view camera via Application on Smart Phone)
    • HTTP Port : 81 (Port to view camera via Web Browser)

Set up True DDNS

  1. Type at Browser then press Enter > Login by using registered Username and password then press Login
  2. Select Service management
    • Pairing Port to align with DVR
    • Port 11000 : set TCP name to be the same as TCP Port of DVR, click a behind button to turn On
    • Port 11001 : set HTTP name to be the same as HTTP Port of DVR, click a behind button to turn On
    • When finished, press Confirm 

Set Port Forwarding at Router

  1. Type > User Name = admin , Password = letters as shown below then press > Log In
  2. Go to Internet > Security > Port Forwarding
  3. At Port Forwarding Virtual Service, set up as follows:
    • view via App on Smart Phone
      • New Item : select On to enable this Profile
      • Name : name the Profile e.g. “DVR1 TCP”
      • Protocol : select Protocol, if do not sure, choose TCP And UDP
      • WAN Connection : select Auto
      • LAN Host :
      • WAN Port : 11000
      • LAN Host Port : 37777
      • when finished, press Apply
      • to add Port Forwarding, press Create New Item
    • view via Web Browser
      • New Item : เselect On to enable this Profile
      • Name : : name the Profile e.g. “DVR1 HTTP”
      • Protocol : select Protocol , if do not sure, choose TCP And UDP
      • WAN Connection : select Auto
      • LAN Host :
      • WAN Port : 11001
      • LAN Host Port : 81
      • when finished, press Apply
  4. after setting, setup information will be shown in below table

Close DDNS setting at Router

  1. Go to Internet
  2. click DDNS
  3. at DDNS, select Off
  4. press Apply

Close DDNS setting at DVR

  1. Go to Setting > DDNS
  2. Remove a check mark
  3. Press Save 

Test the usage via Mobile Internet or Internet that is different from at home

  1. Test CCTV App on Smart Phone by entering Domain name and Port numbers from TrueDDNS
    > If the setting is correct, you’ll see pictures from camera
  2. Test the usage via Web by entering Domain name followed by :Port numbers from TrueDDNS e.g. 
    > If the setting is correct, you can access CCTV Web page

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