Port Forward Port on HUAWEI HG8247W5

  1. Type then press Enter, User Name = admin / Password = enter letters as shown in Default Password and press Log In
  2. Go to Advanced Configuration > Forward Rules > IPv4 Port Mapping 
    • press New
    • Type : select User-Defined
    • Enable Port Mapping : click a check to enable
    • Mapping Name : name this Profile to know the purpose of Port Forwarding e.g. DVR that means Forward Port to DVR
    • Internal Host : enter IP Address of device to forward port e.g. DVR will get IP then enter this IP
    • when completed, press Apply
    • press Add
  3. Set up Port:
    • Protocol : select protocol per use, if do not sure, select TCP/UDP
    • Internal port number : enter Port number of device to forward Port
    • External port number : ใenter Port number of device to forward Port (if it is True DDNS, enter Port number received from True DDNS)
    • when completed, press Apply
    • Thereafter you’ll find mapping parameters shown in a table on the top

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