Set up DDNS on HUAWEI HG8247W5

  1. Type then press Enter, User Name = admin / Password = enter letters as shown in Default Password and press Log In
  2. At main page, select Advanced Configuration
  3. Go to Application
  4. Select DDNS and press New
  5. Set up as follows:
    • Enable DDNS : click a check to enable DDNS
    • WAN Name : select 1_TR069_INTERNET_R_VID_100 (by default)
    • Domain Name : enter Domain Name registered with DDNS service provider
    • Service Provider :select DDNS service provider
    • Host of the service provider : this parameter based on Service Provider 'Do not change'
    • Service Port : 80 'Do not change'
    • Username / Password : enter username and password to Log in DDNS service provider’s web
    • press Apply, there'll be DDNS parameters shown in a table

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