How to use 4G Pocket WiFi via USB on Windows 7

4G Pocket WiFi

  1. Prepare 4G Pocket WiFi
  2. On the left hand is the slot for opening device’s cover
  3. Once opened, take the battery off, you’ll find
  4. Sticker at the back
    • Model name : 4G Pocket WiFi
    • SSID : true_pocketwifi_4F1B (each one is different)
    • Password : 73189089
    • Wi-Fi Mac Address : 60:EF:xx:62:4F:1B
    • IMEI : 35194907xxx9089
  5. Sticker at the cover
    • SSID : true_pocketwifi_4F1B (each one is different)
    • Password : 73189089
    • IMEI : 35194907xxx9089
  6. Insert SIM Card (SIM : micro SIM), SIM slot is on the right, slot for Micro SD Card is on the left
  7. Insert battery and then close the cover
  8. Press Power button
  9. Press and hold the button until 4 LEDs are blinking and then release Power button
    • Mobile network
    • Wi-Fi network distribution
    • SMS notification
    • Battery status
  10. Wait a moment until 4 LEDs are green and off
  11. Once LED is on, it will be the last one (battery) which means it’s starting up and connecting the network
  12. The 2nd LED (Wi-Fi) will be green but the 1st LED (mobile network) is still red which means it’s connecting mobile network
  13. Wait a moment until 1st, 2nd and 4th LED are green which means it’s ready to use, 3rd LED (SMS) will be green when there’s incoming SMS but not yet read

Connect computer on Windows 7

  1. Prepare USB cable (connect pocket WiFi via Micro USB / connect computer via USB)
  2. Connect Micro USB cable to 4G Pocket WiFi 
  3. Connect USB cable to computer
  4. At computer “Installing device driver software” will appear *only the first connection*
  5. Wait a moment and “Select a location for the Network” will appear (choose network type) for the equipment to connect internet (Home network/ Public network)
  6. At 4G Pocket WiFi
    • 1st LED (mobile network) will blink if the device connects to Internet (if Internet has not been used, LED will stand still)
    • 4th LED (Battery) will blink and turn green and red (because it is self-charging) until battery is full and turns green
  7. Open any Internet Browser and test using Internet

How to connect to computer on Windows 7

  1. At computer, go to Start > Control Panel
  2. Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center
  3. Network connection information
  4. Or at bottom right of computer when moving a mouse at the area of computer with cable icon, it will show network name
  5. Or click at computer with cable icon and then click at Open Network and Sharing Center, it will show network connection like accessing via Control Panel
  6. To set up on Network and Sharing Center page, click Change adapter settings
  7. It will show all connections status on this computer
  8. To view connection status, double click at that connection, it will show information or for more detail click Details
  9. You'll find IP address, MAC Address etc.

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