Reset Factory settings for Apple Watch

Set on Apple Watch

  1. On Apple Watch, tap (Settings) grey gear sign
  2. At (Settings), tap (General)
  3. Tap (Reset)
  4. Then tap (Erase Content and Settings) **erase all data on Apple Watch and return to get started page* 
  5. Confirm page, tap (Continue)
  6. Then Apple Watch will erase all data on device and return to Get started page and start pairing again. iPhone will erase previous pairing as well
  7. If Apple Watch paired with iPhone using Apple ID and turn on Find my iPhone, when pairing with the device, it needs old Apple ID to get started or it’ll be unusable

Set on iPhone via Watch App

  1. On iPhone, select Watch App
  2. Select (General)
  3. Then (Reset)
  4. Select (Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings)
  5. And then (Erase All Content and Settings)
  6. Select (Erase All Content and Settings)
  7. The system will erase Apple Watch pairing, wait a moment it will return to pairing screen again

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