How to Set up APN on 4G CAR WiFi (10 Users)

Add New APN

  1. At Home screen, choose Huawei HiLink
  2. Tap on Gear sign on the top right corner
  3. At Settings page, choose Network
  4. At Network Settings, choose APN
  5. APN management page, you’ll find APN “True” as default setting. To check, tap on True
  6. “True” APN will appear, tap a check mark on top right corner to OK and back to APN management again
  7. Back to APN management again
  8. To add new APN, choose New at + sign below
  9. APN settings for entering information
  10. Enter the information as below
    • Name [ชื่อ] =enter preferred name e.g.TrueMoveH Internet
    • APN = internet (lowercase)
    • User name = true (lowercase)
    • Password = true (lowercase)
  11. Tap on a check mark (top right corner) to save
  12. TrueMoveH Internet with notified message 'default'
  13. If there’re many APN, to use that APN, tap on a check mark (top right corner) to use. ‘default’ will appear behind that APN

Delete APN

  1. To delete APN, choose Delete at bin below
  2. Delete page, there’ll be Delete sign in front of APN, tap on the sign to delete
  3. Tap on Delete to delete APN
  4. That APN will disappear, tap on < sign on the top left corner
  5. Back to APN management again, deleted APN will disappear from this page

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