Troubleshooting when unable to connect Internet for 4G CAR WiFi (10 Users)

  1. At Home screen, choose [Settings]
  2. Turn on [Wi-Fi] tap on a button --> make it green
  3. Wait a moment for the device to search for Wi-Fi network and the network will display 
  4. true_CarWiFi_XXXX will appear (notice SSID name from sticker) and connect this network
  5. Enter [Password] and tap on [Join]
  6. Connecting
  7. At Login Page, tap Download *normally if it works, it will connect immediately*
  8. [Download Filed] = cannot connect Internet, press OK *if it’s able to connect Internet, the system will open App Store and search for Huawei HiLink App*
  9. Notice on top left corner, Data sign will display e.g. 3G or 4G *if connected Wi-Fi, the sign is a fan*
  10. Tap on [Cancel] on top right corner
  11. The Wi-Fi network is not connected to Internet, select [Use Without Internet]
  12. If connected, there’ll be a check mark in front of Wi-Fi network and a fan sign on top left corner
  13. Return to Huawei HiLink App
  14. Device disconnected status
  15. If there’s Wi-Fi connection with 4G CAR WiFi, wait around 5–15 seconds, the system will show signal level, network and network system
  16. Then tap on Gear sign on top right corner
  17. At Account = Not Logg…it means not yet Log in 4G CAR Wi-Fi, then tap on Account
  18. Enter [Password] = password (all lowercase)
  19. Tap on Log In
  20. Back to [Settings] page, at Account, there’s no message ‘Not Logg…’
  21. Select Network
  22. Turn on Data roaming
  23. Warning about additional roaming charge will be incurred if turning data Roaming on, press OK
  24. When Data roaming is turned on, Internet can be used now

Note: if Data Roaming is turned on, while travelling abroad or at the border and the device connects to abroad network and it’ll be charged per that country’s rate. But if Data Roaming is turned off, Internet cannot be used.

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