How to Update Location for 4G CAR WiFi (10 Users)

  1. At Home screen, choose App Huawei HiLink
  2. Tap on Gear sign on the top right corner
  3. At Settings page, choose Network
  4. At Network Settings, choose Network carrier
  5. Network carrier, choose Network search
  6. Warning message to disconnect the network, select OK
  7. Searching for networks… Plea… 
  8. Once found, available network will appear
    • Available = can select
    • Forbidden = can't select
  9. Choose network besides True e.g. AIS
  10. Registering with network… Pl…wait a moment 
  11. Failed
  12. Return to choose True e.g. Real Future (4G)
  13. Registering with network… Pl… 
  14. Success and can be used now
  15. Automatic select Network To auto select network, at Network carrier, choose Auto-select
  16. Warning message to disconnect the network, select OK
  17. Registering with network… Pl… 
  18. Success and at Network carrier, there’ll be TrueMoveH network available for selection

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