How to use 4G CAR WiFi (10 Users)

  1. Unbox the device
  2. At USB port, there’ll be a sticker indicating details
    • SSID = HUAWEI-CarFi-E803 *Exxx name will vary according to each device*
    • WiFi Key = 64196680 *Password will vary according to each device*
  3. At the front there’ll be SIM Card sign
  4. Open the cover, there’ll be SIM Card slot and sticker indicating SSID, WiFi Key, IMEI, and Serial No.
  5. Insert SIM Card in SIM slot *SIM size: Micro SIM*
  6. Insert the device to cigarette lighter in car and then tap on [Power]
  7. [Power] button will be red and blinking on process of connecting network
  8. Wait a moment (around 2–4 minutes) the device will connect network and Power button turns green
  9. Back to device to connect Wi-Fi from 4G CAR WiFi *Ex: use iPhone to connect Wi-Fi*
  10. Go to [Settings], choose [Wi-Fi]
  11. Turn on Wi-Fi and wait a moment, device will search for nearby Wi-Fi network, then connect true_CarWiFi_E803
  12. Enter [Password] and tap on [Join]
  13. Once connected, Internet can be used now

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