How to set up Wi-Fi for 4G CAR WiFi (10 Users)

  1. At Home screen, select Huawei HiLink App
  2. Choose Gear sign (Settings) on top right corner
  3. Settings page, choose My Wi-Fi
  4. My Wi-Fi page
    • Wi-Fi name = displayed Wi-Fi network
    • Password = password
  5. To display [Password], tap on Eye sign
  6. Once completed, tap on a check mark on top right corner
  7. Restart Wi-Fi network warning message shows, select OK to proceed
  8. Back to main page, reconnect to Wi-Fi
  9. Device disconnected
  10. Searching for true_CarWiFi _Exxx and reconnect again
  11. Enter the password
  12. Tap on [Join]
  13. Once connected, a check mark shows before true_CarWiFi_Exxx and on the top left, there’ll be Wi-Fi signal (fan sign) and Internet can be used now

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