Login - Pair and delete Pairing via True 4G CCTV App

  1. On Home's screen, select True CCTV
  2. Tap Log in trueid
  3. Enter [True ID] and password then press [LOG IN]
  4. After logging in, tap Plus sign (+) to pair device with True 4G CCTV
  5. Tap [Manual Add]
  6. Enter device information, look from sticker beneath the device
    • [device ID]
    • [device name]
    • [device password]
  7. Once completed, press [OK]
  8. After pairing, CCTV name will appear and pop up message informing [Add successfully]
  9. Delete paired device: tap and hold at camera to be deleted
  10. Pop up message to confirm whether to delete, press [Delete]
  11. Paired camera will be deleted

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