Enable VoWiFi (Native) on True SMART 4G OCTA 5.5

  1. On Home screen, select [Menu]
  2. And then [Settings]
  3. Select [More]
  4. And choose [Wi-Fi Calling Settings]
  5. Notice a button on the right (grey = Off, green = On), tap turn it on
  6. After that
    • Green button : enabled
    • Once connected Wi-Fi > it’ll show a VoWiFi sign on the top next to Wi-Fi sign (fan)
    • 4G HD Voice (VoLTE) sign will disappear
  7. Once enabled (whether system connects VoWiFi (Native) or not), Wi-Fi [Calling preference] will appear for alternative. If being in the area where having both cellular network and Wi-Fi network, choose what prefer to use first
  8. 2 options as follows:
    • [Wi-Fi preferred], recommend to select this for using VoWiFi (Native) first
    • [Cellular preferred]
  9. When there’s incoming call, it’ll show Wi-Fi call
  10. When receiving a call, it’ll show [Wi-Fi call] and HD sign
  11. For True SMART 4G OCTA 5.5, recommend to check [System updates] in order to use VoWiFi (Native) effectively, as shown in below picture for first time usage, it’ll show new Software Version for VoWiFi usage > once updated, Build Number = M636T_02.66.00RPD_TH.00. You can check update and Build Number at [Settings] > [About phone] 


  1. If 2 SIM cards are inserted, VoLTE + VoWiFi will appear only at the selected SIM
  2. If change to choose Cellular data at SIM2 > VoLTE + VoWiFi will be used at SIM2
  3. If SIM1 is disabled, but Cellular data is chosen at SIM1 > SIM2 will not support VoLTE + VoWiFi
  4. If SIM1 is disabled, but Cellular data is chosen at SIM2 > SIM2 will support VoLTE + VoWiFi
  5. If SIM1 is disabled, and Cellular data is chosen at SIM1 + VoWiFi is enabled > if someone calls SIM1, he’ll hear nothing or un-contactable tone *if test SIM2, it’ll show the same result*

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