Pairing True Kidz Watch to add-change Admin, Admin (supplementary)

  1. The 2nd device which is not Admin and Log in with TrueID (using different True ID from User 1 or 1st device) to pair watch, this will define as supplementary Admin
  2. If TrueID is Email, there’ll be a pop up to enter mobile phone number using at that moment (different operator is able to use)
  3. Scan QR code to pair watch
  4. A pop up at [Admin] to accept pairing, press [Confirm]
  5. Supplementary Admin will receive confirm message, press [Confirm]
  6. At Manage family menu, it will show Admin and supplementary Admin, watch location, incoming-outgoing call, voice message
  7. To change Admin, tap Admin (supplementary​) > Select Transfer Admin > Press [Confirm] to transfer
  8. A pop up to confirm the transfer > Press [Confirm] again
  9. Admin and Supplementary Admin will transpose

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