Log in Configuration Page for True IoT Router WiFi

  1. Notice at the bottom of True IoT Router WiFi, there’ll be a sticker shows data for device connection
    • Device Manager Website :
    • Website User Name : admin
    • Website Password : password
  2. Connect Wi-Fi to True IoT Router WiFi
  3. Access a Web Browser (example is Google Chrome)
  4. To Website
  5. At Website (URL) > type
  6. Wait a moment, a Login Page will appear
  7. To change language, at top right corner click choose Thai or English
  8. Enter Username = admin / Password = password then press Login
  9. Configuration Page of True IoT Router WiFi will be at Home page
  10. At Home page
    • Top right : connection status will appear
    • Left : show data volume and connection duration and speed to upload and download
    • Device Information : show the device connected to True IoT Router WiFi
  11. To log out : at top right corner, click Logout
  12. A popup to Confirm, choose Yes, then back to Login page again

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