Reset to Factory Settings on True IoT Router WiFi

  1. Connect Wi-Fi to True IoT Router WiFi  remarks: network name and the password from a sticker beneath the device
  2. Once successfully connected Wi-Fi, open a browser and enter URL:
  3. A login page to enter Username = admin / Password = password and press Login
  4. Configuration Page of True IoT Router WiFi
  5. On top, select (Settings) > (Device Settings) > (Reset) > (Reset Factory Settings) > (Reset)  remarks : Reset to reset all settings to defaults)
  6. A pop up to confirm, press (Yes) wait for a while 
    • Once finished, (Success) will appear
    • Device will restart > if change network name and password, need to re-connect Wi-Fi
  7. Wait a moment, system will return to Configuration Page on Web Brower again > if this page doesn’t appear, enter URL = to access Configuration Page 
  8. Reset to Factory settings on device : press a Reset button on True IoT Router WiFi (button near WPS button) > press and hold it around 5 seconds then release it, the device will be reset to Factory settings

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