Enable VoWiFi (Native) on True SMART 4G GEN-C Series

  1. On Home screen, select (All Apps)
  2. Select (Settings)
  3. And then (More)
  4. Select (Wi-Fi calling)
  5. At (Wi-Fi calling), tap turn on, a button will turn green
  6. If connected Wi-Fi, VoWiFi sign will appear near Wi-Fi sign (fan) and VoLTE will disappear
  7. Once turned on (no matter system can connect VoWiFi(Native) or not), there’ll be option for (Calling preference) in case there are both Cellular data and Wi-Fi network > tap here to choose
  8. Two options are:
    • Wi-Fi preferred: choose VoWiFi (Native) as first priority > choose here
    • Cellular preferred
  9. When there's incoming call "Incoming Wi-Fi call" will appear
  10. When receiving call
    • A fan sign and a message “Main Card :Wi-Fi call” will appear
    • At top left corner will have phone and fan sign
    • VoWiFi will show at top center
  11. At (Call History), it will show technology when making-receiving call

What should know

  • VoWiFi can be used through SIM1 only, since SIM1 is eligible for 4G whereas SIM2 is eligible for 2G and SIM1 Cellular data must be enabled
  • House Brand phone is not compatible with VoWiFi (Native) of other network since True doesn’t know other network’s Parameter

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