Turn On-Off Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

  1. On main screen, swipe screen up
  2. Select (Settings)
  3. And then (Connections)
  4. Select Wi-Fi
  5. At Wi-Fi page, you can turn it on-off
  6. If turning on, a button is blue and nearby Wi-Fi networks will appear
  7. When you find preferred network, tap that name to connect it  Example : connect .@TRUEWIFI
  8. At .@ TRUEWIFI, (Sign-in to network) message will appear
  9. System will open Internet Browser of  Samsung > (SIGN IN TO WI-FI NETWORK)
  10. Enter Username / Password then press LOGIN
  11. After logging in, .@ TRUEWIFI = Connected and there’ll be up and down arrows at a fan sign (data transmission) = WiFi is able to use
  12. To check connection status, tap .@ TRUEWIFI > it will show information as shown
  13. Test using the internet
  14. Enable via Shortcut : Swipe screen down, you’ll find (Control Center)
  15. Tap Wi-Fi sign to turn it on-off
  16. If Wi-Fi is turned on, a sign is blue and if it’s off, it’ll be grey

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