Factory Data Reset on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

  1. On main screen, swipe screen up
  2. Select (Settings)
  3. And then (General management)
  4. Select (Reset)
  5. Factory data reset
    • Reset settings = reset all settings to default (except security, language and accounts)
    • Reset network settings = reset network settings to default e.g. Wi-Fi / mobile data / bluetooth only
    • Factory data reset = reset all settings on device
  6. On screen will show information that will be deleted > (PERSONAL) > if you still have personal information e.g. Gmail, recommend to log out in case you can’t remember the password (if can remember the password, skip to no. 9)
  7. Remove Account : go to (Settings) > (Cloud and accounts) > (Accounts) > choose the account that want to delete > tap Menu > (REMOVE ACCOUNT)
  8. Back to (FACTORY DATA RESET) > (PERSONAL), there’s no Email account
  9. Choose (RESET) to confirm
  10. Confirm message whether to delete and data can’t be recovered > choose (DELETE ALL) > system will delete data that will take around 5 – 15 minutes > once completed, it’ll return to Get Started page again

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