Set up to Share Internet via Wi-Fi on OPPO F7

  1. On main screen, select (Settings)
  2. Tap (Other Wireless Connections)
  3. Tap (Personal Hotspot)
  4. And then (Personal Hotspot Settings)
  5. Set up as follows:
    • Name = endter display name
    • Security = 3 options : None, WPA PSK, WPA2 PSK (default)
    • Password = contains at least 8 characters
    • AP Band = 2 options are
    • 2.4 GHZ Band = default
    • 5 GHz Band : for some devices that do not support 2.4GHz Band, change to 5 GHz e.g. iPhone new model
    • once finished, tap (Save)
  6. To enable : tap (Enable Your Personal Hotspot)
  7. Screen will show (Personal hotspot active), wait around 3 – 5 seconds, this tab will disappear
  8. When there’s connected device, blue tab on top will be blinking and showing number of connected device and internet speed
  9. To manage connected device, select (Connection Management)
    • Blacklist : can check blocked device and unblock it
    • Maximum Number of Connected Devices = can set 1 – 10 devices
    • Data Restriction = 10MB / 50MB / 100MB / 200MB / 500MB / 1GB / 5GB / 10GB / Unrestricted : default
    • CONNECTED DEVICES = show name and Wi-Fi Mac of connected device to OPPO F7
  10. To block Wi-Fi usage, tap that device and then (Disconnect and Blacklist), it’ll make that device can’t use shared network

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