How to use Wi-Fi on OPPO F7

  1. On main screen, tap (Settings)
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi
    • tap turn on Wi-Fi, a button will turn green
    • device will search for nearby Wi-Fi network ex. choose to connect .@ TRUEWIFI
    • System connected Wi-Fi and a check mark appeared in front of that Wi-Fi network
    • A Web Browser will display Main Page (Landing Page) for entering Username and Password then tap LOGIN > Wait a moment until Login Successful page appears
  4. Forget this network : to delete previous connected WiFi
    • while connecting Wi-Fi, tap an exclamation mark (!) at the right ex. choose .@ TRUEWIFI
    • at  .@ TRUEWIFI details > tap (Forget this network)
    • .@ TRUEWIFI will disappear, if tap .@ TRUEWIFI again, need to re-login
  5. Turn Off Wi-Fi
    • tap a button to turn off Wi-Fi, a button turns grey
  6. Turn on/ off Wi-Fi via Control Center
    • at main page (or any page) swipe screen down till the end
    • at (Control Center) > Wi-Fi sign is a fan
    • tap WiFi sign to turn it on-off as desired, when Wi-Fi is turned on, its sign is white or if turned off, a sign is grey

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