Share Internet via Wi-Fi Hotspot on Motorola moto g6 PLUS

  1. On main screen, tap (All App) sign and then select (Settings)
  2. Select (Network & Internet) > (Hotspot & tethering)
  3. For first use, choose (Set up Wi-Fi hotspot), at (Set up Wi-Fi hotspot) page
    • Network name = can tap to change displayed network name
    • Hide my device = tick a check if you want to hide device name
    • Secirity = set to the password
    • Password = Wi-Fi password
    • Show password = tick a check to see what is the password
    • Select AP Band = select band between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
    • tap (SAVE)
  4. Tap turn on (Portable Wi-Fi hotspot) and at the top it'll show the hotspot sign

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