Update Location on Vivo V9

  1. On main screen, select (Settings)
  2. Tap (Mobile network)
  3. And then (Carrier)
  4. It’ll show Carrier name and Automatic Registration is turned on then tap to turn it off
  5. Automatic Registration will turn off and show (Searching…)
  6. Various networks will display on screen including the one with a check mark that means it’s the selected network
  7. Test choosing other network e.g. AIS
  8. Registering on network, wait a moment
  9. Afterwards a popup will notify unable to register on network, recommend to choose Automatic Registration > tap a button to turn it On
  10. Wait a moment
  11. After successfully registration, go back to (Carrier) again > Automatic Registration is turned on, check to see if there’s network sign, test using Data again

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