To Use Wi-Fi on Vivo V9

  1. On main screen, select (Settings)
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. Tap a button to turn on Wi-Fi 
  4. A button turns blue and Wi-Fi network names will appear
  5. Tap preferred Wi-Fi network e.g. choose .@ TRUEWIFI
  6. System will connect Wi-Fi and a check mark will appear in front of .@ TRUEWIFI
  7. Wait for a while, Web Browser will display  Landing Page for logging in, enter Username, Password and then tap (LOGIN)
  8. If correctly enter Username and Password, system will lead to (Login Success) page and showing details of package
  9. Test surfing the internet e.g. access to various websites
  10. Delete Wi-Fi network : while connecting Wi-Fi, tap a sign (>) at the right of that network
  11. It’ll show Wi-Fi details > tap (Forget network) to delete connection configuration
  12. When finished, that network will be deleted from connection history, to reconnect need to enter the password again
  13. Turn off Wi-Fi : tap a button to turn off Wi-Fi
  14. via Control Center : on main page, swipe screen up and tap Wi-Fi sign to turn it on – off

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